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Member Spotlight

We are so proud of our members and are excited to recognize some of the amazing people in the club. We hope you enjoy these spotlights as much as we do.

Currently, we are featuring some of the incredible men of New Hyde Park-Mineola Runners Club by posting their Q & A responses. They share incredible running tips, heartfelt memories, and many examples of dedication and perseverance.



Our final men’s spotlight (at least for now…) is one of the club’s long-standing members and a great club ambassador, Jim Gallagher. Jim is incredibly knowledgeable, has a wonderful sense of humor (mostly at his expense – LOL!), is very funny (just read some of his answers) and is extremely encouraging to new members and seasoned runners ALIKE. We hope you enjoy reading his spotlight as much as we did. We are so pleased to introduce you to Jim.


He is outgoing, considerate, humble, funny, and lives life to the fullest. If you follow him on Strava you will see all those miles he logs running and biking! His energy is explosive and we are honored to call him a teammate and friend. Thanks to our very own Gareth Brancato, he has become part of the NHP-M family. Presenting Nate.


Vibrant, Supportive, Driven and Determined to name a few. If you have not yet met Nkrumah, you will be blessed and thankful when you do. This Ironman has incredible strength, a positive attitude and a smile that is infectious. His commitment to family, training and work proves nothing can defeat him, he can’t be stopped from achieving whatever goal he sets his sight on. Nkrumah’s energy is contagious. Enjoy Nkrumah.


We continue our Spotlight with Paul Liebler, who defines devotion….to his family, especially his wife, Jean, his running, (as he has been with this club for over 30 years), and to the NY Islanders. He is currently recovering from knee replacement surgery but has still been spotted along race routes cheering on the team. He quotes George Erkmann saying, “Showing up is half the battle” for us, we are so glad he shows up with his smile and perseverance. Thank you, Paul!


Today’s spotlight is Joon Kim, who exudes kindness and compassion. He is a strong believer in his faith and devoted to his family. Intelligent, insightful and humble – a run with Joon can be as good for your mind and soul as well as your body. We hope you enjoy reading his spotlight as much as we did. Here’s Joon.


This gentleman is one of the most sincere and laid back guys in our club. He makes the miles go by quickly with his wealth of knowledge and love for a good conversation – HE CAN CHAT! Sporting a bandana and “short” shorts are his iconic looks! His love of music is evident with his Strava posts, listening to those smooth tunes and classic rock as he kicks the asphalt a$$. He is dedicated and works hard to achieve every goal he set his sights on. Meet Our King of Zen, the unofficial Tracksmith Ambassador, the Mayor of All Things Running, and a friend to everyone. (P.S. Rumor has it, he’s a legend at the Bagel Cafe, where you can find his photo on the wall). Introducing Gareth.


Today’s spotlight is on Doug Gubbins, whose heart of gold leads him with strength, determination and kindness during runs and in life. He can calmly set the pace for miles and will always have encouraging words along the way. For him, family is everything and we are so lucky to have him as part of our running family. Meet Doug.


To run with Jason is to run with a positive force of nature. He is *always* welcoming and supportive. If you join us for a Tuesday night track workout with Coach Gary, you will likely see Jason running hard, but always with a smile, and always with a fist bump to encourage YOU on every lap. We look forward to seeing his smile and strength in New York City this November as he takes on his first full marathon! Read on.


Our very own Superman, Joe Salow, has completed over 70 marathons, always has a big smile, and will tell you “Life is cupcakes and rainbows.” Enjoy.

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