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Who We Are

Here is what some of our members say about NHP-M RC:

“The biggest takeaway is the camaraderie, friendships forged and all-around quality group of people. It’s a supportive group and family in many aspects where there is tremendous support whether it is running, life, or whatever it may be and a great way to meet others in the community.”


“NHP-Mineola continues to attract like-minded athletes who keep one another accountable and want to either maintain and or improve their level of fitness.”


The camaraderie and the encouragement from this club over the past almost 30 years is filled with memories. Super Bowl parties, holiday parties, relay races, weekend get-togethers, trips, brewery nights, picnics – just so many great times. That’s my big takeaway.


“Biggest takeaway from NHP club membership is the atmosphere of family, with the added value of diversity. I absolutely love the variety of backgrounds and ages of those involved, sharing the common bond of running.”


“I can say without a doubt, if I didn’t find NHP-Mineola I would have stopped running. The African proverb ‘If you want to fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together’ holds true.”


“NHP-M has not only help me become a better runner, but a better person. They are more than a running club they are my family by choice. See you on the streets!!!”


“Keep Showing Up and You Belong! No matter what distance you run or how fast you are, you are a runner and a part of this amazing community.”


“I never thought I’d like to run with other people, but I absolutely love it! Now I can’t imagine not being part of a running club. I’ve met so many great people with tons of experience and advice and people who share my passion!”


“Initially I thought this was a group of running fanatics. Later I realized this is a group of runners who are dedicated to each other. Week in and week out we show up and train no matter what life throws at us. For some of us that means before/after work or even before the sun rises on Saturday/Sundays. Everyone has different goals, abilities and training capacities yet there’s always someone to share the miles with. It’s easy to skip a run/run on your own, but we all make time and effort to run with each other. It has been very motivating watching the hard work you have all been putting in during training translate into success outside of the group sessions.”


“Since joining the NHP-Mineola club, I am amazed of what a great community there is in running! I have always considered running a solo sport, but it’s definitely better to be part of a team.”


“Being among friends with a similar interest. The laughter and the joy this brings.”


“I have been a member of the NHP-M running club since 2003. I’ve definitely become a great runner since. I met so many excellent runners. They motivate you to run better and faster! If you are a slow runner they never leave you behind, they always run back to catch you. That’s the member runners’ support and I appreciate it very much. I will do the same to runners.”


“Running with the club is fun and encouraging. There is accountability. My pace has definitely improved a lot since my first 5k.”


“The people. Such a friendly, supportive, organized, and fun group. They have the members’ best interest at heart. Organizing and planning various group runs on the weekends including from Scott’s house. Can’t forget the track workouts (thanks Coach Gary). The newsletter keeps everyone up to date with what’s happening. A real “team spirit.” Not every running club is like this. So happy I became a member and would totally recommend.”


“I treasure NHP-M. It’s become an integral part of who I am and how I define myself. I treasure the friendships I’ve made and the psyche we all share.”


“The sense of community and learning from other runners that we all have our struggles balancing life but we all come together through running. I’m most thankful for Ciara not giving up on me and insisting for years that I join this amazing club.”


“Your goal should be that you be the best you are capable of being. Don’t worry if other people are better and faster. You are trying to beat yourself and that is the only thing that should concern you. Age will eventually affect everyone, some sooner than others. You have to adjust to it and just move the best you can when training, it definitely passes the time better to be with someone and even have a conversation if you can.”


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