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Meet Our Members

Member Spotlight #1: Joe Salow

  1. Why do you run? How did you first start?
    JS: I run because it perks me up for the rest of the day. It makes me feel really great. Also, to stay in shape and keep the weight down. I first started running after watching Alberto Salazar beat Rodolfo Gomez in the 1982 NYC Marathon.
  2. What is your most memorable or proud running moment?JS: Doing a 1:38 in Entenmann’s Half Marathon and 3:51 in the 2000 NYC Marathon.
  3. What do you enjoy doing when you are not running? Other hobbies?
    JS: I like to walk in the evening. I also collect baby boomer memorabilia on eBay. Love to read non-fiction and watch Netflix.
  4. Do you have a favorite race/route/distance?
    JS: I love to run through Floral Park and Bellerose Village. Favorite race is NYC Marathon.
  1. What is home like? Kids? Pets? Work? And how do you balance daily life, responsibilities and running?
    JS: Retired after 44 years as blood bank technologist. Married to Virginia for 51 years. Have two grown sons.
  2. What are your upcoming races, goals and/or dream races you’d like to run?
    JS: Im signed up for the Disney World Half Marathon January 2024. Trying to get faster, but my cardio meds
    don’t help. I have chronic a-fib.
  3. Is there a piece of advice you received from a coach or mentor that sticks with you?
    JS: When starting a race, run easy for the first 100 yards or you could be sucking air for the remainder.
  4. What is your go-to running song and favorite sneaker?
    JS: Go to song is Brown Sugar by the Stones. Also listen to CCR. Brooks Addiction is my shoe.
  5. What is one thing most people don’t know about you or a guilty pleasure?
    JS: Love to party! Never know what tomorrow will bring.
  6. What is your biggest takeaway from being a member of an organized running club like NHP-Mineola?
    JS: Being among friends with a similar interest. The laughter and the JOY this brings.

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