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Meet Our Members

Member Spotlight #7: Nkrumah Pierre

  1. Why do you run? How did you first start?
    NP: I run primarily to stay fit and clear my mind. I have been a competitive athlete since middle school, and I remember running my first timed mile in 5th grade (just under 6 minutes).
  2. What is your most memorable or proud running moment?NP: My most memorable running moment was completing my first Half Ironman last year (70.3) in Atlantic City.
  3. What do you enjoy doing when you are not running? Other hobbies?
    NP: When I’m not running I love to play golf, cycle, lift weights, swim and snow board in the winter.
  4. Do you have a favorite race/route/distance?
    NP: My favorite race distance is the Sprint Triathlon – because it allows me to go at 75-80% for the majority of the race. And I can typically get it done in about an hour and twenty minutes (short and sweet).

5. What is home like? Kids? Pets? Work? And how do you balance daily life, responsibilities and running?
NP: Home is busy but fun! I have a beautiful wife who I’ve been married to for almost 9 years and two wonderful children – our son is 6yrs old and our daughter is 21 months going on 7yrs old 😊. It’s a challenge to balance fitness and the family but as long as there is a will, there is a way – I’m typically up before 6am.

6. What are your upcoming races, goals and/or dream races you’d like to run?
NP: Upcoming races: Jamesport Sprint Triathlon on, July 9th and Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City on Sept 10th. I’ve completed a handful of half marathons, but never a full marathon – I feel like 26.2 is in my future 😊.

7. Is there a piece of advice you received from a coach or mentor that sticks with you?
NP: Growth is achieved when you push the limits and spend time outside of your comfort

8. What is your go-to running song and favorite sneaker?
NP: Running Song = All I do is Win by DJ Khaled, Favorite Sneaker: ASICS Noosa TRI 14–super light and great for racing.

9. What is one thing most people don’t know about you or a guilty pleasure?
NP: Major sweet tooth!

10. What is your biggest takeaway from being a member of an organized running club like NHP-Mineola?
NP: NHP-Mineola continues to attract like-minded athletes who keep one another accountable and want to either maintain and or improve their level of fitness.

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