" On the treadmill with with Joe Salow ”

During the chilly days, I ran on a treadmill. I have a Sole F80 with a 3.5 CHP motor

and 22x 60 deck. It has many different programs on it. But, I basically just press start

and rev up my speed. I start out at 20 min miles and eventually work down to 11 min

miles. I cover the readouts so I don’t constantly watch the time. I have a boom box

close turned up to maximum. I blast the Stones, CCR, Neil Diamond and anyone of 

the more than 30CDs.

    The treadmill is located in my basement among my 50s memorabilia and my

marathon medals.The first 10 minutes are the hardest to get going. But, once I’m

into it I can’t stop. I don’t have to be concerned with weather conditions or road surfaces.

Sure, I love to run outside and will when the weather cooperates. I have been able to keep 

my mileage up and injury level at 0. My body is like an alarm clock. Anytime I feel something

on the treadmill, I either adjust my stride or my shoes.

     Right now I’m training for my 70th marathon (Long Island) and I’ve already run two 15

milers on my treadmill and my weekly mileage has been pretty close to 50. It has become a

way of life and an enhancement to my running. May the light never go out