Stephen Cipot


James Haklar, Moontrail 4-18-18

Into the night, the heart of heaven was pounding,

And as it climbed the stairway of the stars

The world slept soundly.  There it was,

Vibrant and smiling, in good spirits.

The golden constellations followed just the same,

Leaving behind the dew covered shadows.


Time stood still, as the sequence of causes

And arrivals were committed to memory,

Nestled somewhere between the devotions

Of heart and soul.

Not the same old stars, mind you—motionless. 

Dashes of fire—echoes of fulfillment

Rising through the ancient sky. 

Bright prayers with their dreams touching,

Sure as night.  Sure as art.

Sure as science.

Sure as peace.


The universe is a timepiece, the whole of its works

Running freely, absolutely, incontestably.

If we’re fortunate we add to the arrangement,

Sure as tomorrow.