On May 6th ,I will be running my 70th marathon. I look forward to this

momentous event with the same anticipation and excitement that 

running marathons has always brought. There is a feeling of rebirth

and newness to each one. No matter what I have done before there is 

always hope that I may achieve something magical, perhaps

breaking 4 hrs, not hitting the wall, running solid all the way through

and most of all finishing proud of the achievement.

As the years move on, the marathon remains constant-a difficult

challenge to the spirit and the heart of man.To me it is the eternal

spring and the opportunity to be with great friends. to those who

think I’m crazy I refer to T.Roosevelt (in The Arena):

“it is not the critic who counts……The credit belongs to the man who is

actually in the arena…who,at the worst,if the fails,at least fails while daring

greatly,so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who

know neither victory nor defeat.”